Nick Jacobsen

Story & idea by Alexander Kaiser

Sound by Mario Da Ragnio

Shot & art direction by Alexander Kaiser & Jeppe Hove

Color grading by Isabel Jankowski

All rights reserved OOONO A/S

Expressive, impressive, and imaginary style

Surely, Nick is someone special. But he is also human—like you and me—and he needs to feel safe going from A to B in his car. And the best part, Nick is out on the roads, contributing to our community, every day.

We’ve reached out to Nick eager to know more about his life as a professional athlete—and how OOONO fits into his way of living. So, ready, set, let’s juuuump.

Anything but a regular ride

Life as a kitesurfer is anything but a regular ride. To Nick, however, it is a way of living. And a way of life. But every jump does not happen at sea, which comes as a surprise to us and to many. A few years back, Nick realized that he was able to use his kite as a parachute. Things took off, literally, and mobility suddenly got a whole new meaning - and a new dimension.

"My goal is to push the boundaries. So for me, it is not about the goal. For me, it is about the journey of getting there."

Nick has always wanted to push the boundaries - the status quo. Using his kite as a parachute, he could do runs that were never seen before. Like when Nick flew off the Burj Al Arab in Dubai into the Persian Gulf. Or when he used his kite to jump from Richard Branson’s private home. For the Branson jump, Nick actually postponed the entire thing due to safety reasons. He was unsure about the conditions. Knowing when to say no is everything. And safety comes first.

Random is nothing

Like most days, Nick was on his way to training when we got to meet up. Usually, he brings his kite to Oresund - the ocean between Denmark and Sweden. This time was no different.

Everything I do is calculated. I might be known for the breathtaking stunts on my kiteboard. But to me, what I do is planned down to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance.

He tells us about how he prepares for training and competition. He tells us about all his routines, from when he wakes up to when he closes his eyes in the evening. It is stunning how much time and effort it requires to compete at the highest level.

Before every training, Nick checks five different weather apps, making sure he is aware of and up to date on the weather conditions, from wind strength to wind direction. And, whenever he is doing one of the big jumps, he cooperates with companies like Vestas to ensure safety comes first.

You might not be the reigning world kitesurfing champion. But it doesn’t matter. Every day, whenever you hit the roads, you contribute to a greater good, helping other drivers getting safely from A to B. It just so happens that Nick is a part of the same community as you. Ordinary is no longer nothing.