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This Amazon bestseller provides real-time traffic information when you need it the most. Stay focused and informed on speed cameras, accidents and road hazards.



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The co-driver is more than just relevant traffic notifications. It's millions of friends. Join the community and start sharing observations with fellow drivers.
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With the ooono co-driver, you always know what the road brings. Real-time traffic information shared by millions of drivers with a single click - without using your phone or having to open a traffic app while driving.

No distractions, just knowledge. That's the modern way of driving.

What our customers are saying

+10.000 reviews

I’ve used my ooono co-driver for about a year. It works perfectly. Not too long ago, my family and I went to Italy for vacation. The co-driver knew about all the speed traps—even in Italy.


Great product, excellent service. I needed a new battery. But it never arrived. The ooono support team called me because I accidentally made a small typo in my address. It’s nice to see that ooono cares about its customers.


Great device, always on-point and safe. My co-driver always starts and warns me—even when I have forgotten all about it. The best investment I have made for my car.


I can recommend the ooono co-driver. The beeps have saved me from several surprises in traffic. Easy to use, easy to mount. Works perfectly with my parking app.


I got the ooono co-driver as a gift. It works flawlessly. It is easy to report any incidents on the road. It even knows most of the speed traps out there. Great investment.


To be very honest, I was very sceptical in the beginning. I have previously been a Waze user. But I have to say, it is very convenient to use the ooono co-driver. All I have to do is start my car and drive. I don’t need to think about anything else, like starting an app.

Everything runs in the background. Great product.


Superb experience with the support team at ooono. I needed a bit of help with the app. The support team answered all my questions to perfection. Other companies could learn something from ooono in terms of customer service.


Always in the know

Say hello to your new co-driver and wave goodbye to unpleasent surprises.

Speed cameras

The co-driver comes preinstalled with information on fixed and mobile speed cameras in +50 countries. Friendly notifications help you stay focused and aware of the applicable speed limits. It even knows red light cameras and section control areas.

Fixed cameras

The co-driver knows more than 40.000 fixed speed cameras throughout Europe, keeping you focused and attentive to speeding.

Mobile cameras

Thanks to our community, we can mark and share the position of mobile speed cameras faster than you think.

Accidents and road hazards

The ooono co-driver lets you know if danger is lurking. Stay one step ahead with warnings on-road hazards, accidents and dangerous situations. Sharing information helps us take care of each other in traffic and avoid fatal situations.


Unfortunately, accidents happen. By letting other drivers know, we can help each other by slowing down and proceed with caution.

Road hazards

Road hazards often mean reduced speed limits and obstacles on the road. A little heads up helps you proceed with caution and stay focused.

An international community

Our co-driver is more than a device. It is the story of a strong international community of drivers helping each other in traffic. Together, we can make a difference.

+50 countries supported

It's more than just your local wingman. The co-driver is ready to travel with you across borders and keep you informed in unknown territory.

Millions of friends

It's in our human nature to communicate and help. The co-driver connects you with millions of drivers on the road—all on the same mission.

Your observations matter

The co-driver is fueled by you, me and the rest of our community. Knowledge is power, and your observations make a difference for fellow drivers. By using your ooono co-driver, you’ll contribute to a greater good by making the roads safer for all with the tap of a button.

Tap once

Simply tap your co-driver once to report or confirm speed cams. Your knowledge is instantly shared with millions of fellow drivers.

Tap twice

Tap your co-driver twice to keep your fellow drivers one step ahead and aware of road hazards, accidents and other dangerous situations.

Simply tap your co-driver once to report or confirm speed cams. Your knowledge is instantly shared with millions of fellow drivers.

Tap your co-driver twice to keep your fellow drivers one step ahead and aware of road hazards, accidents and other dangerous situations.


More than 50+ countries supported with real time data.


More than 400.000 daily warnings on speed traps and road hazards.


Our co-driver connects millions of drivers. Let's introduce you to some friends!

Why not choose an app?

For your own sake and safety, do not use your phone while driving.

01Starts automatically

Have you ever forgotten to start your traffic app? With the ooono co-driver, it will never happen. Everything is designed to run automatically upon setup. The co-driver is there for you, even when you forget it's there. As convenient as it gets—and always on.

02No distractions

In contrast to most apps, the ooono co-driver enables you to help other drivers while driving—all with the tap of a button. Our notifications are designed to keep you focused without disturbing what's important: the road ahead. Apps, on the other hand, require you to actively operate your phone while driving. Not a good idea!

03More than one data source

Dedicated app solutions often care for their userbase. The co-driver, however, is not limited. We strive to give you the absolute best coverage meaning that we engage with some of the strongest data partners out there. The more, the merrier. Together, we know more.

04No subscription or extra costs

No subscription, no hidden costs. There is nothing more to say, really. Everything is available at a flat fee. Install, place and drive.

Strong data partnerships

To ensure the best possible coverage for you, we have partnered with some of the biggest communities out there. ooono is official premium partner with German based and Eastern European Traffihunter. On top you get exclusive acces to the observations made by hundreds of thausends co-driver users.

Designed for convenience

Hardware meets software

The co-driver connects via bluetooth to your smartphone. When set up, you can customize and adjust the settings to your needs.

Choose the traffic information you want to receive, adjust sound and light signalling and much more—all in the ooono connect app. You can always go back and change your settings if you want to. 

Everything is designed to run automatically and without further action. Meaning that you do not have to open the app in order to stay informed.

Get going in less than two minutes!

Connect your ooono co-driver with your smartphone and join the movement.

Download the app

Visit App Store or Google Play to download the ooono connect app.

Register your device

Create your profile and choose the settings that fit your needs.


Pair your smartphone with your ooono co-driver.


Place your co-driver in your car and share traffic information with your fellow drivers.







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Battery lifetime

30.000km. / 12 months

Battery lifetime

30.000km. / 12 months






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