What ‘appened here?

It is no secret that driving while using your smartphone is not a great idea for obvious reasons. It is dangerous for you and your fellow drivers. Yet, too many drivers fiddle with their smartphones while driving, changing songs, reading headlines, and viewing traffic information—some even text while driving. Smartphones are great for many things, just not for use while driving.

And while the app economy is booming, we are here trying to convince you not to use an app for your traffic information needs. Yet, you still need an app for your OOONO device. Are we hypocrites? At first glance (and without knowing why), maybe. Bear with us. There is a very, very good reason why you need an app when buying an OOONO CO-DRIVER.

But before we get to that, let’s uncover three reasons you should not rely on an app for your traffic information needs while driving.

Reason #1: You lose focus

Simple, yet too many drivers honestly believe they can stay focused and use their smartphone while driving—all at the same time. Sorry to break this to you, buddy. You cannot. You lose focus.

Reason #2: You cannot multitask

Where am I going? !”#€, I just missed my exit. You tried changing songs on Spotify just before your exit, and you accidentally opened the wrong app. And then you tried to open the right app but could not find it—all things gone wrong. You cannot multitask.

Reason #3: You become dangerous to others

Eyes of the road. Eyes on the road, mate. As soon as you take your eyes off the road, you become dangerous to your fellow drivers. It might only be a second or two, but it is enough. You cannot take your eyes off the road and not add an element of danger to the traffic.

But you get an app when buying the OOONO CO-DRIVER?

Yes, you do. But there is a very, very good reason why. Your smartphone is the gateway for us to help you—and for you to help others. We rely on you to provide us with the information. No information, no way to help. So, all you need the app for is to connect your smartphone to the OOONO device. There is nothing more to do, really. Sit and forget.

The app is designed for you never to see as everything is automated upon installation—the device starts automatically, and so does your app. And then runs in the background. Convenient? You bet! It is your gateway to a complex world of software tailored to meet your needs as a modern motorist.

Then, automatically, you distribute the information among your fellow drivers in the background. If you see something on your way or along the road, you can easily let other drivers know simply by pressing the button. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We let other drivers know about dangerous situations, and you can keep your eyes on the road—where they belong.

All without a subscription.

Ooooh yes!