Benedikt Böhm

Story & idea by Alexander Kaiser

Sound by Mario Da Ragino

Shot & art direction by Alexander Kaiser & Jeppe Hove

Color grading by Isabel Jankowski

All rights reserved OOONO A/S

Extreme personal drive

It’s almost impossible to have extreme personal drive without leading a fast-paced life. Benedikt Böhm confirms just that. He’s passionate, ambitious, and driven to achieve. We met up with Benedikt to understand how he finds the time and energy to be the CEO of Dynafit, an extreme mountaineer, a public speaker, and a family man.

We’re up early and it’s 07.35 when we meet Benedikt at the Dynafit HQ just outside Munich. It’s clear that he has already been up for hours, beating us to it. His energy is contagious as he greets us at the door. We instantly feel welcome and he wastes no time showing us around the office. Dynafit is one of the biggest brands in mountain endurance sports and as we walk through the halls it becomes evident, that this CEO lives the brand DNA. Speed, lightness, endurance, and technology are at the very heart of what Dynafit does and Benedikt is no different. It’s almost like he naturally makes more of the hours we have on hand than the rest of us. And he is not afraid to use technology to make his life more convenient.

“I can’t wait to show you the mountains and experience what extreme mountaineering is all about. I’m preparing an attempt to do something no one has ever done before, but I'm positive that it will work out.”

He continues to naturally talk about the complex Dynafit technology that he uses to optimize his performance. Almost like he thinks we understand. But we don’t. It’s evident that his whole life is about challenging the status quo and constantly being better than he was yesterday.

Mobility is essential

As we wrap up the Dynafit tour he gets in his car. Instantly he points towards the mountains and starts reflecting on the plans for tomorrow. He plans on climbing to the very top - and he wants to do it fast. He describes his car as the gateway to his passion - the mountains. To him, the car is essential for his lifestyle. The freedom and ability to go wherever, whenever is absolutely crucial for Benedikt to be Benedikt.

“I probably spend a minimum of two hours in my car every day, but I love it. To me, it’s a symbol of the journey. I’m constantly on the move to better things - either for the business or new mountaineering challenges.”

Even though he loves being on the road, he never wastes a second. Whether it’s business calls, educational podcasts, or simply processing current challenges he is always on. To him, it’s all about optimizing time - and he is not afraid of utilizing technology to do so.

“To me, OOONO is peace of mind. Knowing that I always have extra sets of eyes and ears to keep me informed gives me the freedom to enjoy the ride. I really didn’t expect this little device to make that much of a difference, but it has saved me from a lot of hassles."