The road to an easier everyday life

Say hello to your new co-driver and wave goodbye to unpleasant surprises in traffic—real-time traffic information shared by millions of fellow motorists.

Everyday life 2.0

As our lives become more and more interconnected and digitized, we expect knowledge at our fingertips.

We want to provide such knowledge by embracing technology and developing products that people use in their everyday lives to make life easier and more convenient.

With the ooono co-driver, you are connected to millions of fellow drivers, allowing you to benefit from their valuable observations. Finally, you are in the know about speed cams, road hazards and accidents. Together, we make the roads safer for everyone.

Knowing makes all the difference

Knowing what the road brings makes the difference between getting home safely or getting caught up in an unpleasant situation. That's why the ooono co-driver is the perfect backseat driver.

The ooono co-driver keeps you informed, connected and focused while driving. Be informed on upcoming danger points, connect with millions of fellow drivers and stay focused while driving.

Our co-driver is here to keep you in the know and act as your extra set of eyes and ears in traffic.

Be informed

With real-time notifications on speed cameras, road hazards and accidents

Help others

Your observations are valuable to others. Share information with a tap.

No distractions

An extra set of eyes and ears without distractions. Designed to be subtle.

Premium data partner with Germanys biggest car community.


Exclusive partnership with Eastern Europe based TraffiHunter.

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Exclusive data from our rapidly growing community.