Let’s goooo places.

Going out. Going home. Going places. No matter where you are going, let’s go together.

Your life is complicated enough as it is

You don’t need more complicated tech. As our lives become more and more interconnected and digitized, we expect knowledge at our fingertips. Whenever we have a question or need an answer, we google. Whenever we want to go places and hit the road, we use technology to make any journey more accessible, more comfortable, and more convenient. Let’s not complicate simple things.

The road to an easier everyday life starts here.


Be informed

Relevant and real-time notifications on speed traps, road hazards and accidents.

Be aware

The OOONO CO-DRIVER is an extra set of eyes and ears. Designed to be subtle.

Drive better

And share your traffic observations with millions of fellow drivers.

No subscription

No hidden costs. There is nothing more to say, really.

No distractions

Our notifications are designed to keep you focused on the road ahead.

More data

Always relevant and real-time traffic information no matter where you are.