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It’s quite simple. Just like the products. Intuitive tech solutions designed to create a safer everyday life for everyone. On the road. In public. In private homes.

Our focus areas
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Traffic Safety Device

Personal Safety Device

The world's smallest AED

We all gotta start somewhere. The OOONO journey started on the road. It started as a tech-based substitute for flashing lights and honking horns. A community-driven device that allowed drivers to easily share traffic information without the honk-honk. Smart.

We came to realise that when enabling drivers to share traffic information, they became more aware of changing road conditions and their driving behavior, making roads more predictable and safer. Not a bad side-effect.

How we create safety
on the roads

Connecting drivers
for increased traffic safety

Driving is awesome. Whoever invented the car is a genius, but it seems that person didn’t plan it all out. 'Cause driving comes with a risk. Quite a lot of risks. Yes, we’re talking about accidents. But did you know that 1 in 3 accidents are caused by distractions? Or in other words: A lot of accidents are caused by people being people. And we get that. Everyone can get distracted. We're not here to judge, we're here to help.

The good thing is, we believe we’ve found a way to help counter that risk and make traffic a little safer. One driver at a time.

Our CO-DRIVER sets out to help increase traffic safety by applying a simple, yet effective formula. Simply put, we believe the right information at the right time helps drivers drive more focused and avoid accidents and dangerous situations.

So how does that actually work? Simple: Our CO-DRIVER enables drivers to share real-time traffic information on road hazards and speed limit enforcements. This is communicated in a distinct and impactful way, which leads to drivers regaining focus on what matters. Driving. You see? It’s not magic, but then again. It kinda is. Because together we’re able to make the roads more predictable and ultimately safer.

  • Drivers helping drivers
  • Helps drivers focus
  • 3 million CO-DRIVERs roaming the roads
  • Supports +80 countries

Our journey took somewhat of a turn from the roads to the public streets. And yet not a u-turn. 'Cause we saw an opportunity of taking our recipe from the CO-DRIVER and use it in other places for the same purpose: Creating a safer everyday life. With another software/hardware solution, and alongside some great minds already executing on the idea, we took safety from the roads to the public streets.

We believe everyone should be able to move around public without being afraid. Reality is most people don’t.

How we create safety
In public

Connecting people
To come to anyone's rescue

Going out. Going home. Wherever you go, and for whatever reason, you should feel safe. That's not exactly setting the bar too high, is it? Well, apparently so. 'Cause research shows that 2 out of 3 feels unsafe in public spaces. In other words, it's more common to feel unsafe than safe. Crazy. But not in a crazy good way.

However, other research make hope for a better, and safer, tomorrow: In 9 out of 10 situations, a conflict de-escalates with the presence of witnesses.

So... Is there any way we can call upon witnesses in unsafe situations? You probably see where this is going, don't you?

With Sirène, you're one click away from getting help. With the single tab of the button, you call a network of either voluntary runners or personal runners, who’ll come to your location in an unsafe situation.

The goal of the runners is never to take the law into their own hands - instead, it's to witness the situation, hopefully de-escalating it simply with their presence, and call the police if necessary.

By bringing people together, connecting them through simple tech that's intuitive to use in even the most stressful situations, we can create more safety in the public streets. No matter who you are and where you are.

  • Call for help with 1 click
  • Call voluntary or personal runners
  • Small, intuitive device
  • Instantly shares live location

Wait, what. From making safety devices for the road and public streets to making the ultimate safety device in the form of an AED?

You bet. 'Cause what speaks more into a safer everyday life than actually saving lives? Not a lot. And this time around, we couldn't implement the same recipe from the CO-DRIVER and Sirène 1:1. But we could implement the same mindset: Take something complex and make it cheap, small in size, and easy to use. In other words: Flip the AED market on its head. No biggie.

How we create safety
In private homes

Democratising the AED
In the battle against time

In Denmark, we pride ourselves with being frontrunners in terms of helping cardiac arrest victims. And don't get this the wrong way, we're doing pretty well with voluntary runner programmes and public AEDs. But not well enough for us to bring out a celebration cake and fire up fireworks. Quite far from that. You see, only 7% of cardiac arrest victims get help before the ambulance arrives. Read that again. And with cardiac arrests, your chances of survival decreases 10% every minute you don't get help. In other words, it's a battle against time. On top of that, most cardiac arrests happening in private homes, so what good is the public AED collecting dust at the local bakery?

With Joule, anyone can save a life. It'll be the world's smallest, easiest-to-use, and most affordable AED in the world. Big claims, we know, but with human lives on the line, we don't mind being on the verge of megalomania. With cardiac arrests, every minute matters. And we believe that the best AED is the one that gets there first. The more AEDs, the merrier, 'cause that increases the chance of help getting there in time.

So just imagine a future where an AED is common property and in most homes. Simply because it's affordable and developed for anyone to use. It'll help ordinary people do extraordinary things and win crucial minutes in the battle against time.

  • Developed for ordinary people
  • Most affordable AED
  • Worlds smallest AED
  • Intuitive in use

Ordinary people
doing extraordinary things

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