Traffic Safety Device


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Get warnings on road hazards and speed cameras.

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Know what the
road brings

Who said traffic safety should be complicated? Well-timed warnings is all you need to make your route more predictable and help you stay focused in traffic.

Relevant traffic information

You'll be informed of speed cameras and road hazards on your route. Everything you need - and just that.

Shared by millions of drivers

Everything the CO-DRIVER informs you of is thanks to our community. Join and get data from millions of drivers.

Convenient and distraction-free

All you have to worry about is driving. And that's enough. It starts automatically and helps you without distracting you.

All you need to know
In traffic

Speed Camera Warnings

Enforcing speed limits is always a good idea. Whether it’s a speed camera or a warning doing so. Get warnings on all types of speed cameras in +80 countries. 

Known speed cameras

  • Fixed cameras
  • Mobile cameras
  • Section control
  • Red light cameras

Warnings On Road Hazards

Traffic’s unpredictable. Changing road conditions can be dangerous. The CO-DRIVER let’s you know when a road hazard is coming up so you avoid dangerous situations.

Countries supported with warnings

  • Accidents
  • Road works
  • Stranded cars
  • Other

+3 million can't be wrong
Here’s what some of them say

4.2 based on 57.089 reviews

Fits perfectly

Initially, I was a bit skeptical, but after 14 days of testing, I was absolutely convinced of the product.

It works so beautifully simple; you don't have to worry about anything. Just keep the OOONO app open on your sm...

Very helpful for personal safety

A purchase that has absolutely paid off. The product significantly increases safety while driving. The device has very high precision and warns excellently of hazardous areas.

Top device!

The OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 works superbly. Even hazardous situations that have arisen recently are almost instantly displayed! TOP!

Easy to use everything great

Great device, always up-to-date and secure. My OOONO CO-DRIVER starts up and warns me every time – I don't have to worry about anything. The best investment I've made for my car.

Perfect thingy for the car

I received the OOONO CO-DRIVER as a gift. It works flawlessly. It's easy to report all incidents on the road. It knows most speed controls out there. Great investment.

Get access to info
shared by millions

The bread and butter of the CO-DRIVER is not the device itself. It's the community of drivers using it. They count millions and they're the ones warning each other in traffic through the CO-DRIVER. It just so happens that those very drivers are pretty cool people. Like you and me. Meet a few of them here.

Meet the community

See it?
Report it

"But I already have
an app for that"

Good for you. But is using a phone while driving really a good idea? Nah. We wouldn't say so. To prove our point we've made a good old pros/cons list. You're welcome.



Starts automatically

Never forget to turn on traffic information. The CO-DRIVER starts automatically.

Keep your phone in your pocket

Phone and traffic isn't a good combination.

One-button reporting

Streamline your reporting process with our one-click solution.

No display to distract

Designed specifically to help you focus - and not distract you.

Multiple data sources

As if traffic data from millions of drivers wasn't enough, we've also partnered with external data partners

Every third accident happens due to distractions

Traffic's got
a problem

And we’re here to help fix it. You see, 1 in 3 traffic accidents happen due to distractions. People being people - just in a car. But we get it. Distractions are everywhere: From our own thoughts to smartphones, passenger - yeah even the car itself with those fancy infotainment systems. Good thing is: We have a solution to help fix this problem.

The CO-DRIVER is designed to do simple, yet effective things. It connects millions of drivers and allows them to share traffic information with a single click. This means you’ll be notified on what’s waiting up the road, but more importantly, you’ll regain focus. Often a well-timed beep is all it takes to avoid becoming part of the statistics.

Connect once
Be updated forever

It only takes one connection for you to never having to take your phone out of your pocket again while driving. Once connected, the CO-DRIVER starts automatically and so can give you relevant warnings.

Oh, it also lets you customise the CO-DRIVER to your preference. Pretty sweet.

  • Customise warning types
  • Customise warning distance

asked questions

Woah. Quite a few. But let's start with the similarities: Both CO-DRIVERS give you live traffic warnings on speed cameras and road hazards. NO2 has a few features that the NO1 doesn't, like a rechargeable battery, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, and warnings directly on your navigation.

First and foremost, we get data from our millions of CO-DRIVER users. To ensure the best possible coverage, we've also get data from partners like

Yes and no. You can keep your phone in your pocket while driving (and you really should), but your phone needs to be connected to the CO-DRIVER. You need to connect it manually once for it to automatically connect every time afterwards

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