Electronic Parking Disc


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Life's too short for parking tickets

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It's time to
Park smarter

Life's too short for parking tickets. With the OOONO P-DISC NO1, you'll never get another parking ticket because you forgot to set the parking time. It's that easy.

Automatically sets parking time

Just parked your car? Your parking time has just been set. Easy.

Approved and legal to use

Approved by the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency and legal to use in all of Denmark. Of course.

Designed to complement any car

Smart meets classy. You care about looks, so do we.

An intelligent parking disc
How it works

Time is money

Literally. When it comes to parking, it can be an expensive surprise to forget to set the parking disc. P-DISC NO1 remembers when you forget. The electronic parking disc automatically sets the time for you, so you avoid parking fines.

  • Hassle-free parking
  • Battery notifications
  • Sets summer-/winter time
  • Easy to install

Danish design

P-DISC NO1 is designed to complement any car. The stylish parking disc is both small, easy to handle and aesthetically on-point.

  • Magnetic mounts
  • Aluminum front
  • Small and discreet
  • Danish design

People are loving
Not worrying about parking

4.5 based on 9.523 reviews

My parking solution for more peace of mind

Since I started using the OOONO P-DISC, parking has become a breeze. I never have to worry about whether I've set my parking disc correctly. As soon as I park my car, the device takes care of it automatically – without I hav...

Simply brilliant!

Super sleek and easy, stick it to the windshield, set the time and date, and park without a care in the world. It also works in Denmark, where you have to set the parking time exactly in 15-minute intervals – just change the...

Works perfectly – saves you tickets

Many supermarket parking lots are monitored by private companies and require a parking disc. The €30 fine can be easily avoided with this ingenious parking disc. It turns on automatically when the vehicle stops moving. It ca...

Excellent parking disc

Now present in each of our cars, it simplifies so much, and the rip-off on supermarket parking lots has come to an end! One doesn't throw money out the window anymore because of forgetting to set the parking time.

Never think about the parking disc again

The product is easy to set up. The attachment is uncomplicated. The magnets are strong and securely hold the parking disc in place. So far, the parking time has always been set correctly, even during short trips.

Why not just use
a manual disc?

You can. If you have great memory. And never make mistakes. But you're also just a human. Who forgets. Like setting your parking time. And with parking, forgetfulness can be costly. Why take the chance?



Sets parking time automatically

Stylish design


asked questions

You bet. All electronic parking discs that have been approved by the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency are legal to use. And so is the P-DISC NO1 of course (Hence the small FS number on the front).

Good question. Because it's annoying that you can't get your parking disc down when you have to change the battery. Or clean the window. That is why we have made it extra easy to handle your parking disc.

It almost magic. And yet not. There is simply a motion sensor in the parking disc, which causes it to be set when the car is stationary. Smart.

Yes, what about battery? It has a battery life of about two years, but should probably give you a heads up when it needs more power. The display lights up with a battery icon and it starts making annoying noises. Just so you don't forget to change it.



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