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Stay one step ahead with traffic information on speed cameras and road hazards


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predictable road

Safety on the road is more than just seatbelts and airbags. It’s knowing what's coming up ahead and that someone's got your back.

Every third accident happens due to distractions

Traffic's got
a problem

And we’re here to help fix it. You see, 1 in 3 traffic accidents happen due to distractions. People being people - just in a car. But we get it. Distractions are everywhere: From our own thoughts to smartphones, passenger - yeah even the car itself with those fancy infotainment systems. Good thing is: We have a solution to help fix this problem.

The CO-DRIVER is designed to do simple, yet effective things. It connects millions of drivers and allows them to share traffic information with a single click. This means you’ll be notified on what’s waiting up the road, but more importantly, you’ll regain focus. Often a well-timed beep is all it takes to avoid becoming part of the statistics.


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Real people sharing real-time information

Connecting millions of drivers. Every. Single. Day.

If you thought you'd just get a good-looking tech device, you’d be wrong. You're getting access to one of the fastest growing traffic communities in Europe counting millions of drivers. And it just so happens that some of those drivers are pretty damn cool. Ready to meet them?

Meet the community

We’re on a mission to create a safer everyday life

Creating a safer everyday life

We’re just people caring about people. That’s why we are driven by the thought of creating a safer everyday life.

We're not done talking about ourselves. This is our own website after all. You see, we’re not only about traffic safety devices and making the roads more predictable. We’re all about giving tech a purpose to impact everyday living.

We’re all about people. And tech. Meaning we can’t limit ourselves to “just” helping drivers. We're also helping everyone feel safer in the public streets with Sirène. Oh, and we're developing Joule, the world's smallest AED. Yup - we want to democratize the AED and enable anyone to save a life. How about that?

How we do it