Björn Andersen
Car Collector

Story & idea by Alexander Kaiser

Sound by Mario Da Ragnio

Shot & art direction by Alexander Kaiser & Jeppe Hove

Color grading by Isabel Jankowski

All rights reserved OOONO A/S

He was born into a life full of vintage cars. His father started a classic car repair shop and never looked back. So naturally, Björn has been surrounded by vintage vehicles his entire life.

We met Björn outside Halle49. The sun was shining upon the great halls of Halle49. It was a beautiful sight. Yet, it was nothing compared to what we were about to experience when entering the halls.

"It is important to the entire team and me that the repair shop is a great place to be. It might be dusty sometimes, but that is how running a repair shop is. Every day, we have customers come in with their vintage cars. They trust us with some of their most valuable items—which often happens to be an old car."

Björn gives us a tour. It is incredible to see, firsthand, the old cars. The repair shop is located in Lübeck, Germany. Still, Björn and his team have customers from all over Germany—and sometimes from neighboring countries such as Austria, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Vintage meets modern

When walking around the repair shop, it is evident that vintage cars are more than just vehicles. For many, it is a hobby, a place to relax, a place to think about something else than everyday life.

"Vintage cars are my safe haven. It is a place where I unplug and recharge. I have been in this line of business my whole life. It never gets old. Maybe I have reached a stage where I am not easily surprised. But sometimes, and it is rare, we experience something extraordinary. We have seen the most at the shop; we are yet to see a 1970s BMW 507 - maybe someday."

Vintage cars are somewhat fragile. So Björn asks us to look closely at some of the cars. Some are from the 1950s and 1960s, but they look new - not a single scratch to be found.

A perfect travel companion

A lot has changed over the years. Technology has improved immensely. Vintage cars do not benefit from technological advancement in the same way as new cars do. But it does not mean you cannot have some of the benefits.

"Whenever I go for a drive, I always bring a co-driver. But not any co-driver. I bring my OOONO CO-DRIVER. By doing so, I am always up to speed on what the road brings. And I do not have to alter anything. I can attach the device to any car, and I am good to go. For me, it is crucial that I do not have to alter or change anything visually and technically for my CO-DRIVER to help me get safely from one destination to another."

DRIVEN is about people. People like you and me. But also people like Björn. People who are driven towards something more than just being.