Michael Röck
Outdoor Enthusiast

Story & idea by Alexander Kaiser

Sound by Mario Da Ragnio

Shot & art direction by Alexander Kaiser & Jeppe Hove

Color grading by Isabel Jankowski

All rights reserved OOONO A/S

Home good. Out best. To many, it is the other way around. But not to Michael Röck. He enjoys getting away from home, onto the roads, and away from the usual constraints of everyday life.

There will always be an adventure
just around the corner

We have traveled from Denmark to Germany to meet up with Michael. Spring is on its way, and the sun is still out, even though it is late afternoon in Dortmund. Michael sits at the dining room table with his computer, planning the upcoming trip away from home in his motorhome.

"I enjoy the planning part very much. I sit, relax, and imagine where to go without limitations and constraints. They vanish with my thoughts. But it does not beat being on the road, going places in my motorhome. Sometimes, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. Sometimes not. Soon, I will be behind the wheel of my motorhome. I cannot wait."

Michael shuts off his computer and takes us for a ride in his motorhome. At first, we are stunned by the beautiful nature close to Michael’s home. The roads are small and twisted. The landscape is stunning in so many ways. Slowly, we start to realize what Michael truly means when he talks about freedom.

"Freedom is more than escaping everyday household chores and tasks. Freedom is the possibility to get into my motorhome and drive away. I feel free by getting out of the usual settings and onto the roads"

Twenty minutes later, we find ourselves at a small lake. It is quiet. Very quiet. The sound of busyness is nowhere to be heard. Sometimes, when you want to escape the everyday chores, you need to remove yourself physically from the stress and noise. But fortunately, the wild and free can sometimes be as close as twenty minutes away.

During our ride home, we passed several lakes. The area surrounding Dortmund is beautiful. But the roads are getting busy. When we stop at a traffic light, Michael sighs.

"Most people tell me. Out good, home best. To me, it is the other way around. I enjoy the travel, the getting from a to b, and I truly appreciate the sound of silence - and the wind in my hair when opening the side windows."

The closer we get to the city, the more people we meet on the road. The busyness is back. The noise. The stress.

Getting safely from A to B

Being on the road as much as Michael, safety is always a concern. We all know that distractions come easily - the phone rings, someone is texting you. But safety comes first for Michael.

"I have said it multiple times: It is nice being on the road. But, there is always a safety concern. So I try my very best to stay focused. I stay off my phone and keep my eyes on the road. But you never know what the road brings."

We applaud people like Micheal. People who are passionate and DRIVEN. Michael’s passion is on the road in his motorhome, away from the stress and noise of the city.