Lisa Boos
Car Enthusiast

Story & idea by Alexander Kaiser

Sound by Mario Da Ragnio

Shot & art direction by Philip Bruederle & Julian Jankowski

Color grading by Franziska Heinemann

All rights reserved OOONO A/S

Imagine your passion, hobby and job merging into one. That’s reality for Lisa Boos; a driven soul, always on the move and full of creative ideas, who’s entire life is centred around cars. Racing cars, classic cars and, who'd thought, ordinary, everyday cars.

The German-based, 38-year old Lisa is driven to combine her love for photography and marketing with her passion for cars and motorsports.

And even though Lisa’s setup may sound like the dream situation, it’s not for everyone: She’s living life in the fast lane. As she puts it herself:

“I’d describe myself, and my existence, as a creative chaos. There’s always something to do, ideas to implement or my car keys to find.”

Raised by the tremor of the earth

Growing up with the legendary Nürburgring as her backyard (not literally), it’s no surprise that Lisa got into cars and motorsports at a young age. Attending races and feeling the tremor of the earth from the racing cars got her hooked from the very get-go:

“As a little girl, I remember standing at a race and feeling the tremor of the earth made by the cars, making my heart beat faster. Since then I’ve been addicted to adrenaline and motorsports. My buddy Matthias gave me the idea that I could make my hobby my profession. So then at some point one thing led to another.”

Fast forward to present day, after taking in her friend’s advice, Lisa’s all about showcasing the aesthetics of classic cars and capturing the raw energy from the racing cars - transforming it into unique, commercial content that she makes her living off.

From the everyday commute
to the ultimate freedom

It’s no surprise that there’s a variety in capturing the raw energy from racing cars to encapsulating the beauty from classic cars. But this variety is also evident in the way different types of cars play different roles in Lisa’s life. As she puts it:

“I have my work car which I use for my everyday commute and it serves its purpose of getting me from a to b. It’s a means to an end. Quite ungrateful, I know. Vintage cars, on the other hand, mean freedom, love and class to me. To be on the road in a classic car is the optimal mix of a hobby, a space where I can switch off, get out and just enjoy life.”

A stable in a chaotic lifestyle

Living in a so-called creative chaos calls for stability elsewhere. And this is where the CO-DRIVER comes in handy for someone like Lisa:

“When I’m on the road driving a classic car, it’s something very special for me - every time. That’s when the CO-DRIVER is indispensable. If there’s a problem on the road, it brings me back to the here and now.”

To Lisa, her CO-DRIVER brings her a sense of safety and support on the road, knowing it’s always there by her side (some would even argue it’s watching over her in traffic):

“Having the CO-DRIVER by my side is like having someone that’s always there and who takes care of me on the road.”