acquires Cyclops UK Ltd

The fast-growing Danish tech scaleup OOONO prepares for its UK entry with the acquisition of English-based Cyclops, a global leader in data on safety and average speed cameras. The acquisition ensures access to critical infrastructure, unique data models, and extensive and accurate data for OOONO’s flagship products, the CO-DRIVERs. In turn, Cyclops’ data is put to good use in the millions of devices already roaming the streets of Europe, enhancing traffic safety.

After selling more than 3.000.000 CO-DRIVERs across European markets, the Danish tech scale-up OOONO A/S is preparing its expansion outside of Europe. The eyes are set on the UK and ahead of a full-scale launch, the tech scaleup is securing critical infrastructure with the acquisition of the English-based Cyclops, a global leader in providing accurate and reliable locations of safety and average speed cameras worldwide.

The strongest
data partner

With the acquisition of Cyclops, OOONO gets access to the world’s most extensive and accurate data on safety cameras, while securing in-house expertise on the subject.

 Christian Walther Øyrabø, CEO of OOONO A/S and now Cyclops, explains:

We’ve secured critical infrastructure and equally critical talent. Cyclops have long been supplying recognised companies with quality, dynamic software, and content services related to safety zones. And now, from the very get-go, the data models and data sets from Cyclops will improve our products and user experiences across products. Combining their experience and data pool with our own, we’re looking at a unique and superior pool of real-time traffic information that’ll benefit millions of drivers. On top of that, Cyclops has one of the most competent data teams I’ve encountered, and their expertise on the area will greatly benefit OOONO.

Data and mission

Besides merging two extensive data pools with real-time traffic information, the synergy also exists between the two companies’ missions: OOONO is working to create a safer everyday life, while Cyclops is here to help drivers reduce their speed to make our roads safer for everyone. The acquisition will help each mission come closer to reality, Sean Morris, former CEO of Cyclops, now COO, explains:

With OOONO’s impressive and proven record in selling Traffic Safety Devices while creating communities that enhance traffic safety, it felt like a natural step in Cyclops’ journey to join forces with OOONO. We’re both working on increasing safety, especially on the road, and merging our datasets will help every driver with a CO-DRIVER be even safer - and every new driver too.

Biggest equity crowdfunding campaign on
Crowdcube for any Danish company in 2019

The UK is not an unknown territory for OOONO: In 2019, the Danish tech scale-up decided to raise funds via the English crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. It resulted in an overfunded equity crowdfunding campaign, the biggest for any Danish company on Crowdcube ever, raising £1.3 million. The campaign helped kickstart OOONO’s growth, going from a revenue of £2.2 million in 2020 to £37 million in 2023. The company expects to double its revenue for the fourth consecutive year in 2024, budgeting around £75 million.

OOONO A/S: Founded in 2017 by Christian Walther Øyrabø, the Danish tech scaleup is working towards creating a safer everyday life. The company develops intuitive tech solutions, including Traffic Safety Devices, Personal Safety Devices, and the world’s smallest AED. OOONO has more than 100 employees across offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, and now in the UK.

Cyclops: Cyclops was established in 2002 with the launch of the original Cyclops GPS Driver Safety System. Cyclops now supplies leading navigation and automotive brands with premium quality, dynamic software, and content services related to safety zones. Today, Cyclops is developing new and innovative ways of delivering dynamic safety information to drivers across the world.